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Hi, this is Barry Allen. Since I was struck by a lightning bolt and came into contact with the dark matter from the explosion at S.T.A.R Labs, my life changed drastically and I became the fastest man alive. Now, trapped in the speedforce, I’ve lost track of time and I need to survive against the time wraiths, also called enforcers. Please, help me…

This is a ‘’The Flash’’ inspired smoothswing soundfont designed to work with CFX, Proffie, Golden Harvest V3 and Verso. With the purchase, you will have access to the four packages.

NOTE: All my soundfonts come with config files and led parameter files for CFX and Proffie.

DISCLAIMER: Any voice files or music tracks included in this sound package are provided FREE OF CHARGE! You are paying for the time and effort of custom building an audio package for your custom saber!

***Kaibural Lightsaber Sounds is in NO WAY affiliated with Star Wars, Disney, Lucasfilm or another company.***

What is included on the font package?
poweron (x5)
poweroff (x5)
clash (16x)
stab (14x)
blaster (18x)
force (19x)
enddrag (x3)
lockup (x1)
endlock (x5)