Hello Saberland! 

My name is LINK. If you frequent the FX Sabers Forums or The Rebel Armory Forums, You may already know me :)   For those who don't, Once again, I go by the name LINK. I am a soundfont maker and have been in the hobby since 2010! I started making soundfonts way back then and up until now have been a partner with Saberfont where all my old work was hosted. You may know me from popular soundfonts such as, Ventress & Transform! For many years I have tried to make truly custom sound experiences and for years the reception from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. I always knew at some point I wanted to take this part of the hobby to the next level. And so here it is!


Repulse is my vision on the next step in our training! lol... see what I did there!.. Anyway.. I've always wanted to make truly custom sounds. Weather it's in universe or out of universe, Just being able to delve into the sci fi worlds that we all know and love in a unique way is what it's all about! With Repulse, I now have a platform that will offer the flexibility to create and imagine even larger and more diverse sound experiences for you to try in your custom props! 

But soundfonts aren't the only thing you'll find here at Repulse! We will also offer some really cool merch!! Just in case it's something you're interested in, there will also be a small offering of collectibles for you to purchase.  

In closing, I wanted to say thanks! You, the saberland community are my continued inspiration. There are so many things in this hobby to be excited about and you all continue to be excited about sounds. I pledge to offer the best custom sound experience I possibly can so that you may enjoy your props the way they were meant to! Thank you again so much for your continued support! 

-Store Owner