Cryo Carbon

Cryo Carbon

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Plecter & Proffie versions included!

Sounds Included in this font package:  

blaster (x4)


clash (x16)





force (x2)

hswing (x5)



lswing (x5)

poweroff (x2)

poweron (x5)

spin (x4)

stab (x4)

swing (x16)



My name is Master Jor. I am a Jedi Scholar and one of the leading professors at the Jedi Academy.

My particular field of study is Science and Biological Anomalies. But I must confess I have quite the affinity for Cryogenic Science. Just imagining what can be preserved using temperature manipulation is astounding!

In Biology and especially in this expanded universe of ours, there are unlimited numbers of species that we are still discovering! But we miss out on so many opportunities to study due to necrosis!

This is where cryogenics can assist in great measure!

The beautiful part is, The technology exists! Carbonite is used to fast freeze inmates for imperial imprisonment! But just imagine what the proper use of carbonite could do for science! This is why I have petitioned the Academy to acquire this technology and retrofit it to be used in our labs!

For some time now the Cryo Carbon program has been implemented and to great success! We have in the last few cycles we have more than doubled our knowledge on intergalactic species and tripled our rate of medicine discovery!

I will say though that the Cryo Carbon program has not been my only personal victory. I wanted to go further. I wanted to merge the technology with my lightsaber. Now this of course was looked at with skepticism from the counsel. They did not see it as dangerous but also did not see the point.

I suppose there was no point other than my own curiosity. And if they would have it, I would proceed. And so I did.

Using my own knowledge of the Force and my knowledge of cryogenic science, I constructed a new lightsaber! One forged from a scrap carcass of an imperial prison droid and the Cryo Carbon gun it wielded. Of course the Cryo gun was modified heavily within our lab to update its fittings and circuitry. Then there was obtaining a new kyber crystal. It had been many years since I built my last saber. And usually when a jedi creates a lightsaber, there is more meaning involved. This was a science project. But make no mistake. The passion and excitement were there. This was to be a first! No lightsaber blade has ever been constructed using such technology. What I found next was nothing short of astonishing!


When I first held the final product in my hand.. I hesitated. I wanted to look at it for a moment and wonder. I had no idea if it would even ignite. If so, what color would the Force grant me? Would it have extra or altered abilities? Would the blade look like a normal blade? Would it be cold? Or hot?

I riddled my brain for quite a moment before forcing the answers.

And so I pushed the button!

A cold mist followed by a bright sky blue light flung itself from the hilt! The sound was symphonic…  The blade surprisingly stable…

But more than the hum of the cold plasma… there was almost an audible wind that flowed around the blade core.. and even holding the hilt was almost too cold to bear!

I had done it! I had created a cold and freezing lightsaber! I quickly deactivated it and stormed into my office to gather my things. I had to test the saber and to do so, I wanted to visit one of our training grounds. I rallied the senior student body and a few of the archivists for recording purposes. This was an achievement that I wanted to share with everyone!

The practical, scientific and military uses for this new blade could possibly be endless!

This new blade… Cryo Carbon…

It would change things forever….


Written by Brandon Robbins

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