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Plecter & Proffie versions included!

Sounds Included in this font package:  

blaster (x4)


clash (x16)





force (x2)

hswing (x5)



lswing (x5)

poweroff (x2)

poweron (x5)

spin (x4)

stab (x4)

swing (x16)



I was once a darkside user…

Inquisitor was my title….

It wasn’t until Master Eelian found me.

My name is Ulan ReTalo and I am a Jedi Master once Inquisitor to the Empire.

It took many years of meditation and teaching from Master Eelian to get me where I am today. I was but only 14 standard years of age when My previous masters were defeated at the hands Master Eelian and his Jedi. Normally I would have been deemed too old to start jedi training. Even more so the fact that I was a Force user already training to use the Darkside. But Master Eelian saw the struggle inside me. He knew I was afraid and being commanded against my will.

There were so many days I would stare into my reflection… and she.. the inquisitor would stare back. Eventually she became less and less an inquisitor. She became less blind to the truth that living in fear is a terrible existence that no one deserves. After a time, that same reflection became a face of hope. A face that understood self-worth. Someone who was meant for so much more than meaningless violence and death at the behest of the Sith.

No more would this blade be crimson and anger. My light would shine vibrant Veridian Green and I would share that light with my fellow Jedi.

I wish Master Eelian were still here. He became one with the Force many years ago. He lived an amazing and full life and taught many Jedi throughout his years. He always told me I was his greatest accomplishment. Training Jedi was easy for him. But I was not trained. I was saved.

A complete shift in the paradigm….

So now that I have become the Master Jedi, I see it my duty to pass on these stories and teachings. Perhaps not everyone can be saved or needs saving.

But there should always be hope.


Written by Brandon Robbins

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