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Plecter & Proffie versions included!

Sounds Included in this font package:  

blaster (x4)


clash (x16)





force (x2)

hswing (x5)



lswing (x5)

poweroff (x2)

poweron (x5)

spin (x4)

stab (x4)

swing (x16)



Paradox it seems would be a fitting name for a lightsaber. The very notion of a heated plasma blade that simultaneously remains in a stable state whilst also having it’s energy go on forever, given the user keeps it powered on is quite… fascinating.

You’re talking about a weapon to which its’ very existence is both supremely and technologically sophisticated and yet designed after something of the most primitive beginnings. The sword. And yet, this is not the most powerful weapon, oh no. That honor goes elsewhere.

The conscious mind! In the end the only power is wit. Knowledge is sought after, fought for.. but only those with the smarts to use it properly will prevail.

The Force too is quite powerful. Especially in the mind of a true master. These are but only tools you see. The Force, The Lightsaber and the Mind.

The mind of course is understood to be the base of our existence as beings. We require the mind to understand, to eat, to breathe, to fight. These of course are all functions not possible without the mind.

The Force. Now this is not so easy to explain. Even to a Master The Force is a library of infinite wisdom. With many years of meditation, one may hope to understand but a glimpse of true understanding in the ways of the Force. But when it comes to the Force, one can indeed be taught.

The Lightsaber it seems is a true paradox. A simple explanation would be to call it what it is in base form. A weapon or tool. However, upon closer inspection one can see that it is in fact not that simple. This weapon.. this.. tool, as it were is much more. This is a scientific marvel, a physics shattering anomaly. More than just the fact that it is an impossible blade.. When combined with The Force, this weapon truly defies reality. And in the hands of a being with any real understanding of the Force.. haha.. well then you truly have a recipe for disaster… or peace. I suppose it depends on one’s affiliation where the Force is concerned.

And there I suppose is where the line is drawn. Not the tools of war, or the knowledge available at any given time. The line is drawn by those who would wield such tools. For the Force is all around us. It is the mind, the individual, the person who decides how to use these tools and to what end.

I…. I choose power. Power is what is real, not peace. Peace is something the jedi chase but never catch. An endless struggle for something completely and utterly intangible. But power… Power can be seen, can be touched. These tools, this.. impossible blade in my hand. I feel it. I see the destruction it brings my enemies. Red lines carved from a red blade melting away the fallacies of the Jedi pretenders. Sapphire lines of exploding light leaving my fingertips igniting battlefields and destroying oppositions.

This is power. This is real. And this impossible blade, this Paradox shall deliver unto my foes an enlightened view of what true understanding is….


Written by Brandon Robbins

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