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Plecter & Proffie versions included!

Sounds Included in this font package:  

blaster (x4)


clash (x16)





force (x2)

hswing (x5)



lswing (x5)

poweroff (x2)

poweron (x5)

spin (x4)

stab (x4)

swing (x16)



Apprentice – “Lord Targon, I have done as you’ve instructed.”

Lord Targon – “Good my young apprentice. Following my teachings will give you the edge over your peers. The Darkside of the Force is a great tool but not the only one at your disposal. There is dark magic that requires the upmost skill to comprehend.”

Apprentice – “Yes my lord.”

Lord Targon – “Necromancy, Death Magic.. these are the tools I will give you. My holocron is something otherworldly. Whomever it originally belonged to was a sick and twisted mind… but a correct one… an enlightened one.”

Apprentice – “Death Magic master?”

Lord Targon – “I can only assume that the original owner of my holocron went mad before completing his entries. But he has taught me a great deal, and I shall teach you what I have been taught.”

Apprentice – “I am ready my master”

Lord Targon – “No.. you are not. One does not ready for such knowledge. It is physically painful and requires the upmost meditation. For the power to kill your foes and resurrect them is a true blasphemy. But it is more about power. Not how said power was acquired or used. The Jedi would do anything to stop us. So too must we do anything.”

Apprentice – “What about the Sith Order my lord? They would not condone use of such unnatural forces…”

Lord Targon – “You are correct young one. This is why I will teach you. Together we will overthrow the order. They are pretenders! Ignorant! They crave only power. Power without proper understanding is a vile disease! One that must be CLEANSED!!”

Apprentice – “Yu… Yes My lord. It is as you command.”

Lord Targon – “You are wise to fear my words. This task will not come easy. First you must follow my every instruction to the letter. One wrong spoke syllable.. One wrong gesture in cast can end in demise. For these spells and magic are of the darkest corners of the Force!”

You must use your fear! Conquer it! Use it’s power to understand your surroundings at a moments notice! These spells can prolong your life, resurrect the dead and accelerate necrosis in the healthiest of beings! When you have completed your training, A mere wave of your hand will send your foe unto the underworld and back again reformed to do your bidding!”

Apprentice – “And what of our lightsabers my master? Will we still require them with such power?”

Lord Targon – “Yes of course, though, with this new magic, our blades will be transformed. When ignited, the core will bleed as black as night and glow a faint blood halo. I must reiterate… This magic is of the darkest kind. The worst mistake you can make is to believe that you understand it. Think not of understanding. Think only of execution and following instruction. We cannot afford to succumb to madness!”

Apprentice – “Yes….. My Master”

Lord Targon – “Together we will master this dark magic and destroy the Order! And then the Jedi. Today, we become the Reaper and soon the life debts will come due!”


Written by Brandon Robbins

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