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The Butcher

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This Smooth Swing Font is "inspired by" Darth Revan!!!

It's based on a very Evil Darkside version of Revan! The hum/ lockup & Force Lightning sounds are 100% unique and built from the ground up! This is an awesome addition to any Revan fan's collection!


This Smooth Swing font is designed to work for:

CFX, Proffie & Golden Harvest v3


NOTE: My soundfonts DO NOT come with config files or led parameter files or any other files related to functioning on your soundboard. All config settings are the responsibility of the end user. (An easy way to get started is to copy said files from another font and add them to your newly purchased font’s folder)

DISCLAIMER: Any voice files or music tracks included in this sound package are provided FREE OF CHARGE! You are paying for the time and effort of custom building an audio package for your custom saber!


***Repulse Custom Sounds is in NO WAY affiliated with Star Wars, Disney or Lucasfilm.***

What's included in this font package:

Blaster (x4)


clash (x16)





force (x2)


hswing (x5)

lswing (x5)

poweroff (x2)

poweron (x5)

spin (x4)

stab (x4)

swing (x16)